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Throughout history, God has given every individual a chance to accept His eternal plan of salvation. Sadly, many people have rejected it and so will suffer forever.

Thus, accepting Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour is the most significant decision you could ever make during your lifetime. Instead of being destined for hell, you will now spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ. No longer living life in vain, now you have a reason to live life with eternal results. The emptiness inside has been filled by Him.

The devil also knows of your new life in Jesus Christ. His desire for you to reject God’s salvation is no longer in effect. However, he will now exert every effort to keep you from growing close to God and fulfilling God’s plan for your life.

This discipleship program is designed to help those who are beginning a new life in Jesus Christ as well as enhance those who desire more for Him. It will help you understand what your relationship to God is, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic Bible principles to your life, and how your life can be an influential wit- ness and testimony of God’s grace.

Whether you just got saved or have been a Christian for years, understanding these basic Bible truths will help establish a solid foundation in your life whereby you can learn to enjoy a victorious life in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our sincere prayer for you is that these lessons might help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.